Every business needs different directions to operate. For diverse businesses, our services include feasibility study , operator search to identify successful operator and brand selection assignments. In addition, we guide our clients through all aspects of the project development phase - in terms of reviewing architecture & design aspects, investment and time budgets, operational issues, marketing & branding. 

For existing hotel properties, we provide asset management services, valuations and general strategic advice - in terms of repositioning, product development or performance improvement. Financing & investment advice as well as transaction support are further elements of our portfolio of consulting services. Moreover, we provide research + benchmarking services for almost all major tourism destinations and hospitality products. 

Miru Group provides a full range of dedicated marketing and advertising solutions stimulated by a highly specialised team with astute strategic mindset. Services include branding, advertising, consumer integrated marketing, BTL, TTL and ATL communications, digital and web design.

“ Instead of one-way interruption, Web marketing is about delivering useful content at just the precise moment that the buyer needs it. ”

D.M Scott

We specialise in many sector from hospitality, tourism to fashion consulting. To support the companies trust in us, we offer a complete portfolio of services such as:

1. Marketing, Branding & PR

  • Social Media : Making Connections | Delivering Results

  • Creative Strategy

  • Public Relations

  • Blogging

  • Influencer Marketing

2. Project Management 

  • Scheduling

  • Cost Control

  • Conceptualising

  • Risk Management

  • Leadership

  • Methodologies

  • Business Case Writing

  • Delivery



3. Financial Services:

  • Operational finance

  • Corporate Finance

  • Effective Cost Management

  • Improve Profitability & Sustainability

  • Asset Management

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Compliance and Audit

  • Financial Analysis

  • Standardisation according USALI 11th Edition and International Standards

4. Procurement & Purchasing

Advise on improving purchasing power and standardisation.


5. Human Resources

Sourcing Talent and Organisation Chart