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hotel fınance from ground up

With Mr Baris, Miru provides sophisticated and comprehensible analyses of complex economic and financial issues to assist to hotels in understanding the issues and opportunities they face. 

Our financial consulting practices have been involved in a wide range of engagements drawing on economics, finance and accounting expertise for hotels and hospitality groups

Under the administration of Barıs Atasoy, provide economic consulting services, critical insight and expert testimony in legal and regulatory proceedings, strategic decision-making and public policy debates. We also have extensive expertise in competition policy issues, mergers, securities litigation, valuation and international arbitration.

An award winning, fully qualified Chief Financial Officer with expertise of leading financial strategies to facilitate a company’s ambitious growth plans. Has a proven track record to constantly challenge and improve existing processes and systems. Has the ability to communicate professionally, effectively and efficiently with clients and colleagues on detailed financial issues.

Mr Baris has 25+ years of experience in working in hospitality sector.

25+ years of experience in hotel finance.

Miru Group hotel finance consultancy services include:

  • Financial Project Management

  • Financial Accounting

  • Strategic Business Reviews

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Asset Management

  • Financial Performance

  • Corporate Financial Affairs

  • Risk Management

  • Hotel Pre-Opening and Rebranding

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