Miru Group provides specialises consultancy services to fashion businesses including designers, retailers and lifestyle brands. We aim to bring bespoke solutions and strategies that are designed to build efficiency, innovation, reduce costs, manage risks while achieving desired possible growths.


"Powerful, noticeable and consistent visual language on all platforms is essential to the customer experience and key to an enduring fashion business. It’s very important that you establish and safeguard the visual integrity of your brand."

There are many brands in fashion sector that manage to stand out from the crowd. You instantly know and recognise their logo, style or the product shape immediately. This process does not happen over-night, organically or by chance. This uniqueness, this visual language is the expert demonstration of a brand’s values. 


It’s something brands work out from the birth and over time and fine-tune it by the brand matures into something exceptional. It’s a result of expert creative direction .

Moreover, as our lives shift to digital, it has become even more important for customers to understand a brand’s image and values in a few seconds, otherwise, attention is gone.

Turning consultancy into a highly personalised experience, We aim to establish strong relationships with all clients, recognising and catering to the unique needs of each individual project.

Miru Group consultancy services include:

  • Start Up Mentoring program

  • Business Development Consultation

  • Brand & Product development

  • Fashion Sourcing and Fashion Production

  • Creative direction

  • Look book shooting

  • Website development

  • Trend forecasting and analysis

  • Retail strategy, including complete

  • Comprehensive retail concepts

  • Distribution advice